About us:

Cercle pour la Sauvegarde des Ressources Naturelles (Ce.Sa.Re.N-ONG)is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under N ° 2003-0100 / DEP-ATL-LITT / SG-SAG-Assoc. June 17, 2003 and published in the Official Journal of the Republic of Benin No. 14 of 15 July 2003.

It works for an appropriation of conservation and sustainable management of natural resources at all levels. It supports the Government in the efficient implementation of all agreements and international environmental agreements.

Our Vision:

 Living in harmony with Natural Resources. Making Natural Resources a sustainable source of well-being, social added value and added value to the national economy.

Our objectives:

  • Improving governance of natural resources,
  • Valuing ecological and socioeconomic ecosystems services;
  • Promote better understanding and sustainable use of natural resources
  • Fighting against poverty.